“Salty Folk” A One Act Musical About Oysters!

Hi Friends! Did you know that NYC harbor used to contain half of the world’s oysters.?!?! HALF! Can you believe that? For thousands of years, oysters were superheroes: they kept the rivers clean by naturally filtering sediment, their beds provided habitats for a diversity of aquatic life and protected the shoreline from erosion, and they kept people (poor and rich alike) fed and happy. New York’s fishing industry was a major reason for the city’s economic and cultural growth. But in just a few hundred years, through a combination of overfishing, harbor dredging and sewage pollution, the entirety of oysters were wiped out by the occupants of Manahatta/New Amsterdam/New York.

Salty Folk is a new musical one act written all about these superheroes and their adventures restoring the waterways of New York! I’m so thrilled to be on this oyster-riffic journey!