Salty Folk final development at The New Victory Theater and Billion Oyster Project

Hi Friends! I have just splashed into rehearsals for Salty Folk a new oyster musical by Jeremy Pickard and Nate Weida. I should have updated everyone sooner but late is better than never, right? I have been lucky enough to have worked on this piece since the beginning, and am thrilled that we're at it again. This time around we have a New Victory Theater LabWorks residency, an ART/NY Creative Space grant, and a work-in-progress performance for the Billion Oyster Project on Governor's Island.

We had a wonderful showing at the New Vic on May 6, followed by a very supportive and informative talk back. Now we're back in the "drawing room" prepping for Governor's Island where we will perform in the second annual Billion Oyster Project symposium! Open to the public. I'll update details for that performance soon. :)

As always, stay tuned for more fun updates

(I have a ton of stuff on the horizon) and thank you so much for stopping by!