Hello friends! I'm coming to you from the inside of B#tchfield Animal Shelter. Okay, I'm not really, but I WILL be if you come to see the show! I am so lucky to be stepping into the role of "Crazy Tongue" in Catya McMullen's LOCKED UP B*TCHES! The show had a brief run in April and due to popular demand

the B*TCHES are BACK! Here's some info about the show: LOCKED UP B*TCHES is a riotous, raunchy hip-hop/sketch musical comedy, loosely based on of our favorite women's prison saga, currently streaming on a Netflix account near you. Set in B#tchfield Animal Shelter, the show chronicles the ultimate war between felines and canines, the b’s and p’s, as they rap their paws off and fight to the death. Book and Lyrics by Catya McMullen: AKA MC Chihuahua Fancy (EST Youngblood/WE ARE ANIMALS) Directed Michael Raine (The Flea, Yale Rep) music direction by Scott Klopfenstein (Reel Big Fish)and Produced by Joey Perniciaro this musical is dirty, hilarious celebration of the value of community and finding yourself in a messed up world. Oh and humping. It's also about humping. Tickets $10. 6/9 830 pm 6/11 730 pm 6/18 730pm 6/24 1030pm (QueerCom) 6/25 730pm (QueerCom) Featuring Brett Aresco, Crystal Arnette, William Barnet IV, Jessie Cannizzaro, Julissa Contreras, Vanessa Pereda-Felix, Kera Halbersleben, Kerry Ipema, Alex Haynes, Catya McMullen, Juan Skittlez Ortiz, Karsten Otto, Ellie Philips, Meg Pryor, Ryan Stinnett, Desi Waters, Moody Zia

Can't wait to see you on the inside. :)