CHUMP: A New Musical

Hi friends! This week I was so lucky to be a part of an amazingly inspiring piece called CHUMP!

CHUMP is a musical comedy about "America’s final presidential campaign." It tells the story of the Chump campaign, from announcement to Election Day, and several very different characters – Muslims and Jews, single women and blue collar men, African American and Latinx – that are forced to grapple with his candidacy in very personal ways.

This wonderful, short musical is available for FREE to anyone who would like to put it up. We seriously got this on it's "feet" in 3 short rehearsals and produced an absolutely amazing product! Hopefully we'll be seeing this musical pop up across college campuses around the U.S .to get young voters inspired to vote and make a difference in this election!

From the producing team, the artistic team, and to the lovely people at The Duplex cabaret, it was a complete an utter blast!

For more information or to put the musical on for yourself check out: