ESPA Drills: The Pumpkin Patch

Hi Friends! Once again, I find myself in complete and utter awe at the power of a 10 minute play. This time around I was lucky enough to work on another of Joe Breen's works, this one titled The Pumpkin Patch. It was basically a spin off of The Great Pumpkin story, and it was one of the highlights of this year for me.

Crazy, that one of my favorite pieces was this little gem? Well, not so much when you consider who I was lucky enough to work with. First off we were directed by the lovely, and thoughtful Adin Walker. Second, our Great Pumpkin was played by the hilarious, warm, and multi-talented, Alex Beck. And then the cherry on top? Our Linus, played by none other by the insanely generous, endearing, and uber talented Clint Zugel.

With Joe's witty, funny, and touching words supporting us, this piece was absolute perfection! I am still reeling in awe, and completely inspired by these brilliant artist. Hopefully you'll be seeing some more collaborations between myself and these lovely people, because they are simply too fantastic to let go!

Here are some pictures of rehearsal/performance:

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact on your heart. I'm so grateful for this experience!