Big Green Theater 2017 has begun!

Hi friends! Well, it's one of my favorite times of year! Big Green Theater time!! I've been lucky enough to work with Superhero Clubhouse on Big Green Theater for 4 years now, and our 2017 season is up and running.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Big Green Theater (or BGT as I often call it) is a program that was created by Superhero Clubhouse in partnership with The Bushwick Starr. BGT starts in the classroom and the program goes for 3 months, 3 days a week after school with 4th and 5th graders. For the first 2 months (Jan-Feb) we invite eco-experts into the room to give interactive presentations about the expert's particular area of environmental expertise. After the experts give their presentations we spend the next couple of days writing rough drafts inspired by the presentations.

In March we shift gears a bit and choose plays from the several we've written in Jan and Feb, and focus on the re-writing process. As well as re-writes, our playwrights also taking workshops from some of the BGT team and designers: set, sound, lighting, costume, and musical composing.

A neighborhood nature tour we took this week.

At the end of March the children come to the Bushwick Starr to see a final reading of their plays by the actors who will performing them. Then their shows go into performance during the week/weekend of Earth Week and have performances for the schools as well as free performances to the Bushwick community. It's an exciting and absolutely fulfilling program that I am beyond thrilled and honored to be a part of! For more information go to or to volunteer for us email me at

See you at the Starr!