Realabilities Presents: Addy & Uno

Hi Friends!! Remember a while back when I was working on that fabulous puppet musical? Well, it got picked up and we will be performing it over at the 14th Street Y Theater! I couldn't possibly be happier that Addy & Uno will continue to reach more children and families, and to be spending so much time with my gal Melody!

Details about the show are below. Hope to see you all there!!

Realabilities Presents: Addy & Uno

Addy & Uno is the first family musical about disabilities. As Uno, a child with autism, faces the challenge of competing in his school's math competition, his friends with varying disabilities - ADHD, vision, hearing and physical impairment - rally in support. Told through puppetry, unforgettable music, and heart, the 50 minute show celebrates the abilities within disability, and inspires empathy and the understanding that it's "nice to be nice".

Opens: September 2nd

Closes: Septmeber 24th

Running Time: 50 Minutes || No Intermission

Ticket: $25

Realabilities is an educational platform that celebrates the wondrous abilities within disability and the beauty of diversity. Through an original musical and a full, award-winning and research-based educational comic book series curriculum, it inspires children to be more kind, empathetic and understanding towards their peers with all abilities.